My Manifesto

Fuck Ideology
Fuck all terminology
Fuck matching socks
Fuck a country up on cement blocks
Fuck racism
Fuck elitism
Fuck long tem unemployment
Fuck all empty sentiment
Fuck the future
Fuck the past
Fuck timeframes cause they won’t last
Fuck your enemy
Fuck off monogomy
Fuck all the homophobes
Fuck you fucking xenophobes
Fuck the middle class
Fuck you cause you suck ass
Fuck off people that look down their nose
Fuck off I suppose
Fuck off censorship
Fuck you I shoot from the hip
Fuck off Simon Cowell
Fuck you for making music unwell
Fuck you G8
Fuck off for the hate you create
Fuck you United Nations
Fuck you as you divide ill-gotten rations

Fuck you American foreign policy
Fuck you is part of my philosophy
Isn’t it swell? Well?
Fuck it, Fuck me aswell.

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