Why cant you stick your acoustic guitar up your ass?

This is a house party and we were having fun.
Dancing, talking and listening to the stereo.
But you had to take the guitar from out of your bum.
Now everyone has to be quiet.
As you monopolise the night.
What a selfish thing to do.
For just one night cant we take a pass.
Why can’t you stick your acoustic guitar up your ass.

The man who woke up with the universe in his hands.

Upon waking this morning, without warning,
I felt the need to hide.
For nobody understands.
I woke up one more time,
With the universe in my hands.

An immensely difficult secret I try to keep.
Walking around town,
Seems everyone’s asleep.
The world is full of shit that I can’t stand.
As I sit here writing about the unwanted universe in my hand.

Held down and injected.

Signed in against my will.
Prescribed but refused the pill.
Quite a bad day I reflected.
Untill I was held down and injected.

First time committed was quite a shock.
First time the wrong side of a heavy duty lock.
My condition was not one that I suspected.
Again however, held down and injected.

Lost respect for the world that night.
Brutalised, fighting a one way fight.
These futile years that I objected.
And now, resigned, life much unexpected.

At the party in my head.

When I win the lottery,
Gonna buy myself a shed.
All the friends I’ve ever met,
At the party in my head.

Dancing and reminiscing fine times,
Those that do snorting lines.
Getting high and smoking green,
Best party ever seen.

Five continents of feeling fine,
Meeting people is so sublime.
Mixing grape with the grain.
Hope to meet them all again.