I cast shadows at night

I have a haunted soul.
I’ve been hiding all day.
I’ve been hiding for years.
Safely hidden from sight.
For I cast shadows at night.

I am hiding from life.
The trouble and strife.
Self-medicate for some high life.
But I have learned foresight.
I cast shadows at night.

Warming up Brendan Grace

Brendan Grace.
Your a bit of a nutcase.
With your beardy face.
Comedy at the coalface.
Impossible to replace,
This 40 year showcase.

A man from the Liberty’s
With Bottler properties.
A purveyor of the Craic.
Father Ted’s Father Stack.

An absolute legend.

Your ears are here for a check-up.
And I am proud to help warm up,
For the man who won’t grow up.
Comedy legend Brendan Grace.

I don’t care.

Massive unemployment.
Can’t pay the rent.
A feeling that we all might share.
I don’t care.

I’m a 90’s reject.
I’m the usual suspect.
I’m a man on the run.
And I’m still having fun.
I’m keeping pace.
First place in the I don’t care race.

Still getting drunk.
Social welfare slam dunk.
Ain’t got any baggage.
Too poor to have afforded a mortgage.
And thank fuck for that.
I’m still at where its at.

I’ll see you at the bar.
Smiling from afar.
Its nice to share.
I don’t care.