The Mally effect

I am going to save the world
I am the savior for cancer
I am the answer
I’m already drunk and totally steady
I have the powers of a Jedi
I have been diagnosed insane
I have a high powered brain
I am extremely good looking
I can roll up a joint
I can make a point
I don’t fight when I’m drunk
I wear adidas footwear
I am possibly hard to bear
I have cooked up ketamine
I have committed many sins
I am not consumed by greed
I cannot afford 2 grams of weed
I believe in what I write
I do not give a shite
I am sorry for who I am
I am sorry for it is a sham
I hope that you give a shite
I hope everyone’s alright
I worry about my poems reception
I believe that it is better to wash yourself of all perception
I speak English with an Irish dialect
This is the Mally effect


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