The Harriers Days

In the queue, trying to make yourself look older
Fake ID, looking over your shoulder.
You get by Eyebrows, straight to the bar,
A fourteen year old rock n roll star.
Get tanked up on booze,
You have nothing to lose.
The DJ is going to be a safe bet,
To play the inevitable slow set.
As the love music starts, in the crowd rushes,
And you find yourself outside, puking in the bushes.

To my family and friends I haven’t seen in 10 weeks

I still need you
I still miss you
5km seems like a thousand miles
If I could just see you tonight
Everything would be alright
Might turn my frown upside down
Stuck in the middle of a lockdown
I think about you every day
In my own particular way
Can’t wait to see you again
The sooner the better praise the Gods amen
Missing people is part of this journey
It’s not all agony
Still got my mates inside the 5km limit
Will be worth living like a hermit
To see you again

Massive bag of weed

A massive bag of weed
Is exactly what you need
For this current lifestyle that we lead
My ears might start to bleed
Not what I want I must concede
The pandemic will proceed
For the toilet paper some people do stampede
Head to the HSE or WHO websites for a read
After food and water the boredom I must concede
That there is nothing wrong
With a massive bag of weed

This pain won’t last forever

This Pain won’t last forever
What you are going through won’t last forever
It will pass
You may be on a different part of the mood spectrum
Everything may seem like a problem
This pain won’t last forever
Never say never
I’m fighting my own battle which I really don’t understand
Got a demon in my mind that won’t vacate
Writing helps
It has allowed me do be creative
And to help me discover
A deep understanding of who I am

Don’t bomb Iran

Don’t bomb Iran
From your bases in Turkey and Afghanistan
Please America
Have mercy
Think of the many innocent civilians you will kill
Don’t do it at your will
The world doesn’t need another pointless war
But that is what you have come to adore
Election is coming up
There is plenty of oil under Iranian ground
We know you can find anyone on this planet
And assassinate them with precise drone strikes
But you are missing the point
As we are all related all alike
We are all brothers and sisters
With the occasional drifter
Be good America
If you can

My lucky underpants

I wear my lucky underpants from time to time
And of course from rhyme to rhyme
I wear them when i’m feeling the luck
I wear them when there is any chance of a fuck
They mind the crown jewels as a receptacle
They take good care of my testicles
They are my lucky underpants
Its a type of bromance
They help with the romance
And when I listen to trance
I bought them in Penney’s with some finance
They are my motherfucking lucky underpants

Bollocks to the Poppy

Bollocks to the Poppy
That old racist jalopy
My lyrics ain’t sloppy
Bollocks to the Poppy
What about the 1 million Irish who starved in the Great Famine
On this issue there is only one side
And that’s British genocide
What about the troubles?
Who is responsible?
What about 800 years of occupation?
800 years of subserviency
And they expect Irish people to wear the fucking Poppy
These deaths are irreversible
The Poppy is a symbol of tyranny
Like the Brits locking up my dad without trial in Long Kesh
Also known as the H-Blocks
James McClean is a modern day Irish hero
The Poppy brigade count him as less than zero
But he knows his history
As do I
Bollocks to the Poppy
I’m Irish true and true

Perfect Day

I’m having a perfect day
Perfect in every way
Had a good night’s sleep
Nice dreams and sleep so deep
Didn’t meet any assholes
Which is fantastic
Regular check up with my GP
No problems which he could see
Just a perfect day
Like Lou Reed’s song
Totally perfect nothing wrong
Just a perfect day

Do you wanna know how it feels?

Do you know how it feels to be Bi-Polar
Do you really want to know
Do you want to know about the Highs
Do you want to know about the Lows
Do you want to know about being sectioned
Should we go through that, do you reckon
Do you know why people kill themselves
Do you really want to know
Or are you just glad it’s not you
Do you understand mental illness
Are you an outsider or are you a witness
Do you really want to know
Do you want to know how it feels to be really sick
Being too high or too low, which would you pick
Do you know where you are on the mood spectrum
Taking medication to the minimum or maximum hoping for the optimum
Do you really want to know
Do you know how it feels to be happier dead than suffering life
Count your blessings
Go easy on people and the troubles they are facing
Go easy