The man who paints Trees

So what is the scenario?
Turn up the audio
Let’s have a look at his portfolio
Whats going on in this studio
On my lyrics I’m patentee
Just another of earths refugees
Why would you paint a tree?
Between you and me
With regard to the Gardai
I’m in favor of the legalization of cannabis
In my conscience nothing is amiss
But without new legislation we are staring into an abyss
Hopefully the necessary support will surface
So cannabis is legal to purchase
Whats the point of arresting someone carrying weed
A victimless crime you must concede
The social problems of alcohol must I dripfeed?
Weed expands your conscience I don’t mislead about this supposed misdeed
There is a movement there is a need
Been smoking since 92
Like to smoke a few
However over the cuckoos nest I have flew
This is a poem about me
I’m the pro weed guy who paints the occasional tree