It’s not paranoia when they turn up to take you away

Part of the illness is that you don’t know you’re sick

When the squad car calls up you better be quick

Your first instinct is to run, get away

Your looking at an institutional long term stay

Be ready for climbing out windows and scuttling down drainpipes

For in the middle of a bipolar episode you feel like the fucking prototype

Sent here to save the planet

Striking across the night sky like a comet

Crazy ideas and huge mood swings

It’s hard to explain being manic and what each day brings

Spent 2 years in secure mental institutions

Basically for my own protection

Escaped from two high secure wards

Skipped the country and moved abroad

But my illness followed me like the Gardai

Through drug abuse I had voided my sanity warranty

10 years since I was last sectioned

Found myself the right direction

But that fear is always there

The constant reminder day to day

It’s not paranoia when they turn up to take you away