Waking up on a Saturday morning

No hangover or 5 second getting sick warning

No regrets of things I did or said

Just thoughts of the books that I have read

Not wondering did a I fight with my girlfriend

Or wondering did i fight with a friend

Feeling fit lifting 30 kilos on the bar

Putting 40 kilos on the bar is not that far

Reason has returned and I’m thinking clearly ahead

Thought’s of going back travelling not worrying about the price of 2 bottles of wine instead

Flight tickets and visas and fresh food and bread

Other peoples drinking doesn’t bother me

I’m over the addiction, now totally free

I’m not looking for praise

I’m just out of that drunken haze

The occasional spliff I still blaze

This isn’t a phase

My sobriety has me amazed

The God who fell to Earth

Are you ready?

Ready for the truth?

Follow this rhyme for the informed route

A towering inferno

Let me share with you what I know

Freedom begins deep inside

This I believe, I’m just along for the ride

I’ve stuck my head up now, no need to hide

The reason life is so good is cause

I make the right decisions faster than you

My strategies and theories all proven true

I’m just floating about

I talk with confidence, I never have to shout

I’m self educated always ready to up-skill

My words and technique polished and ready to thrill

Life is a breeze, too easy sometimes

And when its easy, I speak in rhymes

On a plateau nice and steady

My poetry is deep and I’m always ready

Bulletproof, legacy in the post

So lets raise a toast

To being reincarnated as a prophet enjoying this rebirth

I’m just another God that has fallen to Earth.

The Constructor

I created the Universe

A good start for a verse

The planets and stars

Earth, the Sun, and even Mars

You only exist through interactions with me

The only person on the planet who is truly free

I choose the company I keep

And the many assholes I interact with doesn’t cost me sleep

Always walking forward with a fuck you smile

An indestructible force of nature mile after mile

In control of my emotions with a definite plan

I am a God in apprehension, not merely a man

A Cloudless Sky

I dream of a cloudless sky

So we can travel, you and I

We will travel far away

And live happily day to day

We’ll see fresh blue skies

And explore islands far and wide

We’ll see beaches with sands of pure white

And watch the sunset and sit under the moonlight

Why be lazy with language?

Why would you say that the day is nice?

When you could say it’s like living in fucking paradise

Why bother with boring shit nouns?

Pass me over the poetry crown

Being using extraordinary and intelligent words in poems since 86

Putting pen to paper to get my fix

Strutting about, cock of the walk, OG style

Walking forward with a smile, mile after mile

An example of an indestructible force of nature

But now the eye is on the prize, steady and mature

Soaking it all up now totally relaxed

This show will never get axed

Never give up or get disheartened

Me, myself, the honest truth is that I’ve only started