Nurofen Plus

Can I have a packet of Nurofen Plus please?
12 or 24?
24 please
Are you on any other medication?
Where is the source of pain?
In my lower back
Are you aware to only use for 3 days maximum?
I am
Are you aware the product contains codeine?
Yes I am
Are you at the moment worshipping Satan as your true and only God?
Funnily enough many more fucking questions are you going to ask before you give me the fucking tablets?

Shishir so near

Shishir so near
100 metres from my house
Lads don’t worry or hurry
With the flavors and spices in my curry
It’s always good
Indian and Thai restaurant
I give it a high five
Order any chicken, lamb or beef dish of your choice for €9.95
Assad and his team are all sound
As are the management and staff of Cafe India and Yaadgar
They come from India, Pakistan, Bangledesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka
And I wanna thank ya
For bringing your food and culture to Tullamore

An open letter to the bouncer who was working last night outside the Bus Bar

I have met a lot of assholes in my life
However meeting you was a new low
All you had to do was say not tonight lads
There are ways of doing things
But no
You tried to goad me into a fight
You insulted me
You look and acted like you were on something
And the thing is the Bus Bar is a fucking dump
I was just there to say Happy Birthday to someone
Lucky for you to afford to make enemies so quick
I shall dance on your fucking grave