All Ireland Smalltalk Final

Pat : How are ya gettin on?
Joe : Grand, yourself?
Pat : Grand, sure ya know yourself?
Joe : True, hanging in there
Pat : You said it
Joe : Ah well
Pat : That’s the way it goes
Joe : It goes the other way too
Pat : Nail on the head
Joe : Ah sure
Pat : Sure what would ya be at?
Joe : Fair to middlin
Pat : Some man for one man
Joe : I’d complain but who’d listen?
Pat : Ive been down that road before
Joe : Tough station
Pat : I wont go into it
Joe : Sure isnt it great?
Pat : Savage craic
Joe : I never laughed so much
Pat : Broke the mold they did
Joe : Isnt it just fantastic?
Pat : Sure this is it!
Etc etc