We are all Time Machines

We are all Time Machines

If you know what I mean

We can look and reflect on the past

Be it good or bad or even rat-arsed

We live in the present making decisions everyday

Which will affect our future in every way

We control this future and make our own destiny

We are the captains of our souls and ships with no chance of mutiny

We can travel through time in our own head

No need to make excuses just careful planning instead

Its wonderful to be alive, you will be a long time dead

You and I can make the future and not worry about things unforeseen

You and I are Time Machines

Bipolar disorder

Of all the mental illnesses, bipolar disorder is the most mysterious

The list of artists that have had it is long and glorious

Many of these artists you may know

Edward Munch, Edgar Allen Poe, Hemingway, Picasso and Van Gogh

People who shift between extreme productivity, creativity and insight

That goes far beyond what would be normally possible day and night

To severe bouts of depression and deep despair

It’s a chronic incurable illness, there is no repair

Even Albert Einstein, the genius of geniuses had all the symptoms

Didn’t stop his theories being awesome

But the cost of being bipolar is high

Make no mistake, you can die

Which puts me in a fix

The average bipolar patient dies between 55 and 66

So here I am with the facts and statistics

I’m just going to have to risk it

There is no cure

Just carry on

What else can I do?

I shall finish with a quote

Something a famous doctor once wrote

“Bipolar is often referred to as the dark side of creativity, it disproportionately affects people otherwise known as uncommonly gifted or even geniuses”

I must address without a guess and not suppress just totally express without duress that I am in someway gifted due to this illness

I wouldn’t change anything I must profess