An open letter to the bouncer who was working last night outside the Bus Bar

I have met a lot of assholes in my life
However meeting you was a new low
All you had to do was say not tonight lads
There are ways of doing things
But no
You tried to goad me into a fight
You insulted me
You look and acted like you were on something
And the thing is the Bus Bar is a fucking dump
I was just there to say Happy Birthday to someone
Lucky for you to afford to make enemies so quick
I shall dance on your fucking grave


Larry Fleming

Sir to many
Teacher of 6th class and then principle
Of Ballinamere National School
A visionary, a gentleman, a rock star
Supported boys and girls sports
In against the wire
With many a Wyer
But the reason I am writing this
Just so it won’t go amiss
In 1986
He encouraged me to write my first poem
And my first play
He got me to think outside the box
A very humble man I have found
I owe him a lot
He encouraged an interest in the arts in me and many others
Have never looked back
Thank you Sir

We can do better

9698 people registered homeless this year
Many sleeping in doorways
We can do better
392 recorded suicides in 2017
80% of them men
We can do better
Rents rising 6 times faster than the European average
Leading to the emergence of the working poor
We can do better
American military using Shannon to refuel on their way to spread the “American Dream” on some other unsuspecting country
We can do better
We and future generations of other Irish people are paying for the fraudulent practices of the banks
We can do better
Recreational and medicinal marijuana illegal
We can do better
Leo Varadkar and Fine Gael in government
We can definitely do better

Pass me the microphone

Pass me the microphone
For I have something to say
I was born in the North
For what its worth
Should have done better in school
Still I’m nobody’s fool
Never knew what I wanted to be
Career guidance was lost on me
Find it difficult to watch the news
Mans inhumanity to man gives me the blues
Been blessed with good family and friends
Made a lot of mistakes but I’m making amends
I have found I have a certain modus operandi
And I’m glad I have found solace in poetry and comedy
I don’t know where I am going
And I have forgotten many of the places I have been
I put pen to paper whenever I can
For when I write troubles disappear
And as I sit here all alone
I dream of the next time someone passes me a microphone

Requiem for the Manor

The pub where I first got served has closed
I don’t know the basis
For closing this oasis
Josie served me my first drink
And its mad now to think
That its gone
I learned how to play and cheat well at cards
These words are meant with kind regards
I drank there when I was skipping school
I was there listening to DJ Kool
Sometimes I drank more than I was able
Sometimes I won a few quid at the pool table
I was there the night Rodge and Ned got barred
I laughed, I laughed hard
Met new people
And now its over
The pub where I was always welcome
Just a heartfelt Manor requiem

When you stare at your reflection

When you stare at your reflection
Its just you looking back
Take a moment and wonder
At the miracle that is life

When you stare at your reflection
Its like an inner soul inspection
Look yourself up and down
Smile don’t frown
Treat yourself with affection
Regardless of your complexion
Be good to yourself
And every now and then
For your own protection
Be happy with that person in your own unique reflection

Full Irish Breakfast Bitch

Feed me, feed me now
I’m fucking starving you don’t know how
Three sausages not fucking two
Two rashers of bacon not a few
Pudding white and pudding black
Two fried eggs cause I’ve been smoking crack
Don’t look at me as a man of little means
Flash that plate up with Bachelor’s beans
Homemade soda or toast for the soakage
The ladies in town come to me for the pokeage
Assemble the troops quickly bitch
As I have the urge to scutter
Fry the whole fucking lot in creamery butter