Bollocks to the Poppy

Bollocks to the Poppy
That old racist jalopy
My lyrics ain’t sloppy
Bollocks to the Poppy
What about the 1 million Irish who starved in the Great Famine
On this issue there is only one side
And that’s British genocide
What about the troubles?
Who is responsible?
What about 800 years of occupation?
800 years of subserviency
And they expect Irish people to wear the fucking Poppy
These deaths are irreversible
The Poppy is a symbol of tyranny
Like the Brits locking up my dad without trial in Long Kesh
Also known as the H-Blocks
James McClean is a modern day Irish hero
The Poppy brigade count him as less than zero
But he knows his history
As do I
Bollocks to the Poppy
I’m Irish true and true

Perfect Day

I’m having a perfect day
Perfect in every way
Had a good night’s sleep
Nice dreams and sleep so deep
Didn’t meet any assholes
Which is fantastic
Regular check up with my GP
No problems which he could see
Just a perfect day
Like Lou Reed’s song
Totally perfect nothing wrong
Just a perfect day