Eviction Blues

Never thought it would happen to me
Someone else’s problem as far as I could see
But reality has knocked upon my door
This is not your door anymore
We want you out
We want the house
Payments missed, grab your stuff
Go sleep out in the rough
The solicitors are unwilling to re-examine
My personal experience of modern day famine
The only pity is that I am terrace bound
Otherwise I’d burn the fucking thing down.

We are history

All you do
And all you see
From this day forth
We are history

Man and womankind
A thing that you will find
From the cave to the semi-d
We are becoming history

Simple celled organisms
Please excuse the scepticism
The time of the humans has eclipsed
Welcome to the Apocalypse

Enjoy whats left
And have a good time
Enjoy the end game and the rhyme
Unified in this self indulgent mystery
We are soon to become history

Everyone deserves respect

Tread lightly where you walk
Keep bad opinions to yourself
It doesn’t matter how much you make
We all came off the same shelf
Your fellow man you should not neglect
Everyone deserves respect

Some people stare at the stars
Some people steal fancy cars
Some people sleep on on the street
Be nice to all you meet

To even those that cause you harm
To those who stick needles in their arm
Stand back, relax, this is life

Go easy on the mentally ill
Going easy is an easy skill

Humanity can go unchecked
Everyone deserves respect

DIY I hate you

Sandpaper and scraper
Scraping of last generations wallpaper
Down to my last fiver
Cant find the bastard screwdriver
Ill start so ill finish
This house will one day flourish
As I sit here feeling like a slave
I will succeed in decorating my modern day cave