Commander Big Balls Mallaghan

Attention on deck
Officer on board
Its Commander Big Balls Mallaghan
What a fucking gent
Good god man go get the good whiskey
And the fucking rizla
And some fucking tunes
Big balls himself
What a privilege
What a man
A man with a destiny
A man with fucking massive testicles
Won the war they did
The other side said not a fucking chance
Commander Big Balls Mallaghan is one indestructible motherfucker

Vanquish your enemies

Bring back scalping
I’m ripe for a feud
Pistols at dawn
Queensbury rules
Annihilate these fools
Take your beating
Stand your ground
Run like fuck
You shall be found
Though shan’t be missed
From my revenge list
I’ll take my tribute
And explain the truth
I’m not running for election
Just helping along natural selection
Take shit from nobody
And vanquish your enemies.

They know more about the moon than the brain

They have cracked the atom
They have smart weapons
Intellect is wasted on shame
The assholes in charge know more about the moon than the brain

Charter the oceans
Salvage humanity
Lets have some fun
Lets alleviate our generations disgrace
And put some of our tax into the exploration of space
Which is our inevitable next destination
Humans setting up space stations
Of this objective we should withhold our refrain
We know more about the moon than the brain

Where shall I hang my cloak of Indifference?

What did you say?
Was that directed at me?
Oh look at the time!
Its a quarter past go fuck yourself
I’m living my life
No quarter for strife
6 foot tall hairy Irish alpha male
Well traveled, well spoken
With a fine eye for detail
I don’t kiss arse
Cause I don’t have to
My attitude is one of belligerence
You can reference my two finger intolerance
And point me in the direction
Of a hook on which to hang
My cloak of absolute Indifference

The prototype

Words help us reason and are considered ripe
From many meanings to a blackboards wipe
From extremely well written to gutter tripe
This is merely the prototype

Nouns and verbs to pass on thought
Simple thought for free not bought
Internal hard drive due a wipe
This is merely the prototype

Open up soul to new ideals
Open up to see how that feels
Live in the new disregarding hype
This is merely the prototype

Embrace the day and have some fun
Its not a lie your on the run
Simple words that I simply type
This is merely the prototype

My integrity is for sale

My social identity is up for rent
My few morals were cheaply spent
My life has taken a certain toll
Whats the bid on a dishonest soul?
How much will someone pay?
Who gives a fuck anyway?

I have become an emotion whore
Quite possibly a colossal bore
Words are extremely cheap
They have put all action to a dormant sleep

But my DNA has revolution’s spark
I am trying to make my mark
Insanity runs deep in my blood
It is difficult to become understood

Prescription and non prescription drugs are on retail
The devil himself masterminds the detail
Life is a meandering cocktail
Suck it in on the inhale
Breath it out on the exhale
You better believe my integrity is for sale