We can do better

9698 people registered homeless this year
Many sleeping in doorways
We can do better
392 recorded suicides in 2017
80% of them men
We can do better
Rents rising 6 times faster than the European average
Leading to the emergence of the working poor
We can do better
American military using Shannon to refuel on their way to spread the “American Dream” on some other unsuspecting country
We can do better
We and future generations of other Irish people are paying for the fraudulent practices of the banks
We can do better
Recreational and medicinal marijuana illegal
We can do better
Leo Varadkar and Fine Gael in government
We can definitely do better

Pass me the microphone

Pass me the microphone
For I have something to say
I was born in the North
For what its worth
Should have done better in school
Still I’m nobody’s fool
Never knew what I wanted to be
Career guidance was lost on me
Find it difficult to watch the news
Mans inhumanity to man gives me the blues
Been blessed with good family and friends
Made a lot of mistakes but I’m making amends
I have found I have a certain modus operandi
And I’m glad I have found solace in poetry and comedy
I don’t know where I am going
And I have forgotten many of the places I have been
I put pen to paper whenever I can
For when I write troubles disappear
And as I sit here all alone
I dream of the next time someone passes me a microphone