David Mallaghan

I was born in Northern Ireland in 1974. I have spent the majority of my life living in the Republic of Ireland. I have been lucky enough to travel to Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Nepal and most of Europe.

I started writing poetry when I was eleven in Ballinamere National School with the encouragement of Larry Fleming, our teacher. My favorite poets are William Blake and Spike Milligan. Milligan was a very funny man. Blake however believed that the problem with humanity was perception. From reading his work he has convinced me that if we can rid ourselves of perception humanity is infinite. It took me some time to grasp this but I believe this to be true. I try to write using comedy and satire, however many of my poems are observational from my point of view.

I am a member of the Tullamore Rhymers Club. We are a group of poets who read at festivals and events.

If you want to contact me please do so at davidmallaghan@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting my site.

2 thoughts on “David Mallaghan

  1. Good morning David. Cornelius is my name. I stumbled across your website and began by reading one of your poems then two then three and so on and so forth. They are great. We met each other at this years Cat Laughs festival. I am a comedian myself but work through the venacular of poetry. Anyway, I just said I’d say hello. Hello.

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