Junkie on the Luas

Where are you going junkie on the Luas?
Your a picture of blissful meditation junkie on the Luas
You look happier than the rest of us junkie on the Luas
And there is a feeling of envy secretly passing through us

Standing here watching you
Captivated watching you
Some fellow passengers do harbour grudge
You just sit there and do not budge
I am not the type to judge

Every woman and every man
Including the farmers in Afghanistan
All involved in this master plan

Like everything produced from our earth’s toil
Be it mainline or be it foil

One absolute constant that cannot go unchecked
Even the junkie on the Luas deserves respect

2 thoughts on “Junkie on the Luas

  1. reminds me of THERE ARE SOME MEN
    There are some men
    who should have mountains
    to bear their names to time.
    Grave markers are not high enough
    or green,
    and sons go far away
    to lose the fist
    their father’s hand will always seem.
    I had a friend:
    he lived and died in mighty silence
    and with dignity,
    left no book son or lover to mourn.
    Nor is this a mourning-song
    but only a naming of this mountain
    on which I walk,
    fragrant, dark and softly white
    under the pale of mist.
    I name this mountain after him.
    (L. Cohen)

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