Mr Pieman

Mr Pieman.
Bake me a pie
I am hungry,
And that’s no lie
Mr Pieman
Your pies are a must,
With that golden brown crumble crust
You feed me at festivals with its slips and its slides
Can I order some of your delicious sides?
Please pretty pretty please,
Can I have a dollop of mushy peas?
Mr Pieman
I’m feeling flash
2 scoops of creamy mash
Some people call me Davy
Cover that bad boy with loads of gravy

I love the dark

The clocks have changed
The day has been rearranged
Under pressure from my house to disembark
But I love the dark

The long evenings are in
To sit inside is deemed a sin
Not meaning to hark
But I love the dark

There is the glowing secrecy of the night
The anonymity that shines so bright
My neighbor’s dogs do softly bark
And I love the dark

I have myself to myself
No pressure to socialize
Its when its dark and quiet the ideas spark
I really do love being wrapped up in the dark

And Conor surrendered to the night

Arrived in Tullamore with a guitar on his back
An unknown brother
To someone a son
I try to visualize him and wonder was he cold at night
Had he fixed his eyes to the wind
And as empty houses scar this country
Conor was young and free and slept under the king tree
However Conor surrendered to the night
I try to visualize his last breath
And try to comprehend the sad circumstances of his death
Little did I know the last time we spoke
Was the last time we would ever speak
Everyone deserves respect
He arrived in Tullamore with a guitar on his back
His name was Conor O’Hagan

The best pub in town

Its the pub I frequent
The pub where my money is gladly spent
Used to be run by Dolores and Joe
Horsing out the pints wind, rain or snow
I go there with mates or even alone
I go there because it feels like home
The atmosphere is champion
The crowd is bohemian
A venue for poetry, rock, trad and techno
Its the best pub in Tullamore I’ll have you know
I’ll go there forever
This poem is however
A tribute to John
He runs the best pub in town

Where is our Arts centre?

Where is our space?
Smaller towns have one to our disgrace
Roscommon has one
Nenagh has one
Even Thurles has one
Birr got a theatre
Tullamore needs an Arts centre
One with a small theatre
They have been talking about one for years
Could host amateur dramatics and professional dramatics
Even the occasional troupe of acrobatics
Movies and documentaries
Its all so elementary
Where is our Arts centre?
A venue for musicals
And all matters theatrical
To plant arts seedlings
To hang pretty paintings
From children’s puppetry
To ambitious poetry
Would it take a petition
To interest the politicians?
And those that sit on the town council
Should we really have to grovel?
When all we want is a space
A space for the Arts

In Tullamore

Shit Food Ireland

Give me a fucking bag of chips
Add an inch to my fucking hips
I’m staying here no plans to scatter
Give me the fucking curry batter
Dip in the hot lake of fat
Don’t care if in it you have spat
Give me deep fried
Give me tasty
Give me a bright menu of shit
In case I am hasty