Didn’t see what I’d be on the CAO


The chippers of Tullamore

When I’m hungry my stomach does bellow
Head to the chipper and be a nice fellow
Treat yourself to a burger and a bag
Walk down town smiling smoking a fag
But where will I go? Lets not be hasty
There’s a nice looking bird works in Tasty
Haven’t got much cash to blow
Half price Wednesday in Angelo’s
When I’m rich I’ll drive to collect in a ferrari
Oh they do a lovely bag in Macari’s
Fuck the burger and chips I want my fill
Of the house special pizza in the Roma Grill
I’m not going to McDonalds, Burger King or Supermacs
Their chips are shite, the food is just scraps
My favorite chipper,
The chips are so fine,
All the way from Italy, kind of
Its Carmine’s.

Mr Pieman

Mr Pieman.
Bake me a pie
I am hungry,
And that’s no lie
Mr Pieman
Your pies are a must,
With that golden brown crumble crust
You feed me at festivals with its slips and its slides
Can I order some of your delicious sides?
Please pretty pretty please,
Can I have a dollop of mushy peas?
Mr Pieman
I’m feeling flash
2 scoops of creamy mash
Some people call me Davy
Cover that bad boy with loads of gravy

I love the dark

The clocks have changed
The day has been rearranged
Under pressure from my house to disembark
But I love the dark

The long evenings are in
To sit inside is deemed a sin
Not meaning to hark
But I love the dark

There is the glowing secrecy of the night
The anonymity that shines so bright
My neighbor’s dogs do softly bark
And I love the dark

I have myself to myself
No pressure to socialize
Its when its dark and quiet the ideas spark
I really do love being wrapped up in the dark