The God who fell to Earth

Are you ready?

Ready for the truth?

Follow this rhyme for the informed route

A towering inferno

Let me share with you what I know

Freedom begins deep inside

This I believe, I’m just along for the ride

I’ve stuck my head up now, no need to hide

The reason life is so good is cause

I make the right decisions faster than you

My strategies and theories all proven true

I’m just floating about

I talk with confidence, I never have to shout

I’m self educated always ready to up-skill

My words and technique polished and ready to thrill

Life is a breeze, too easy sometimes

And when its easy, I speak in rhymes

On a plateau nice and steady

My poetry is deep and I’m always ready

Bulletproof, legacy in the post

So lets raise a toast

To being reincarnated as a prophet enjoying this rebirth

I’m just another God that has fallen to Earth.

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