The sheep of Inishturk

The sheep of Inishturk
Are scared stiff of work
If work was in the bed
They would sleep out in the shed
They listen to electro
And a bit of 90’s techno
They laugh at the other island’s sheep
Who graze on vegetation on mountains steep
“Look at those stupid fuckers on Inishmhor!”
They have become humans onshore whore
Giving up lambs and the yearly fleece
While we smoke the herb and live in peace
As for the sheep of Inisheer
Those motherfuckers live in fear
Stupid sheep that suck ass
They don’t even know how to eat grass
We eat in a row and graze uphill

As for the Inishboffin island sheep community
We laugh at them at every opportunity
Assholes don’t even know how to dance
Those fuckers are still listening to Goa trance
But I suppose we are all sheep in the end
Differences are cool and the objective is to blend
Its all about compassion and teamwork
Yours sincerely,

The sheep of Inishturk

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