Held down and injected.

Signed in against my will.
Prescribed but refused the pill.
Quite a bad day I reflected.
Untill I was held down and injected.

First time committed was quite a shock.
First time the wrong side of a heavy duty lock.
My condition was not one that I suspected.
Again however, held down and injected.

Lost respect for the world that night.
Brutalised, fighting a one way fight.
These futile years that I objected.
And now, resigned, life much unexpected.

One thought on “Held down and injected.

  1. Its a brutal and soul-destroying illness, it causes such chaos to us and those who love us. Thanks for sending me this link David, its another resource for me and there are times I need to know that somebody gets it. Thankyou sincerely for posting.

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